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The company offers a variety of transportation services ​

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Transportation of employees and students

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Guest transportation for weddings and events


Transportation for trips around the country

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Transportation for trips to the Dead Sea

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Guided tours in a variety of languages

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Special transportation to Ben-Gurion Airport

Dead Sea Tourists Ltd. - Transportation and touristic services

Dead Sea Tourists Ltd. is a veteran transportation company, operating in three branches: Arad, the Dead Sea and Eilat, providing transportation services for domestic and foreign tourism, as well as working with educational institutions and workplaces, and provides transport services for employees and students. Promises to bring you to your destination safely!
The company is meticulous in the safety of all its vehicles, which are under the supervision of a safety officer. In addition, the company has all types of vehicles – taxis, minibuses and buses, so it can suit every customer the service he needs.
For more details and reservations, call: +9728-6584392
Operations Manager: +97253-2320006. You are also welcome to contact us by email
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Generous and experienced drivers

Here only the best drivers, who have a lot of experience, are employed, and they strictly observe all the laws of the road. They provide a courteous and excellent treatment for all passengers.

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Reach the destination safely and safely

The company owns vehicles of all types, all of which are well maintained, and undergo a strict periodic inspection by a traffic safety officer.

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Service for all types of customers

Dead Sea Travel Company works with all types of customers, including: tourism companies, educational institutions and private individuals. All types of services can be enjoyed.

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Fair and sane prices

We offer service at good prices. Want to test us? Leave details on the site and we’ll get back to you with a surprising quote.